3TI: Standards and compatibility

We are a technology company and standards are very important to us. We offer or are compatible with the following technologies, are you compatible with us ?

Apache, CGI, CSS, DHTML, Frontpage, FTP, HTML, HTTP, IMP, IE, IIS, Java, Javascript, Linux, Mozilla, MySQL Netscape, Opera, Perl, PHP, PNG, PostgreSQL, SHTTP, SQL, SSH, SSL, Tomcat, Webmail, Web server, Website, XHTML, XML

Evolution, IMAP, IMAP/S, IMP, Linux, Mail server, MX-record, Outlook, POP3, POP/S, SMTP, SSL, Webmail

A-record, Bind, CNAME-record, DDNS, DNS, DNS server, Linux, master server, MX-record, Name server, primary DNS, secondary DNS, slave server, SOA-record, TLD, Zone-file

ipchains, iptables, ipsec, RHSA