3TI: Technical support

Most of our products can be administrated by you online using straight-forward dialogs and self-regulating scripts to reduce human errors. But even if you need assistance, we can help you.

Our ticketing system allows us to track your issues smoothly while you have an overview of how it is progressing. Regardless who's helping you at the moment, together with you we'll have all the information available and you won't have to repeat dull information.

Our ticketing system has improved the response time of our technical team drastically and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

The usual problem-solving procedure consists of:

  1. Use the Debug-utility. It will check for the most common issues and human errors.
  2. Check out our Customer documentation. We improve this regularly with new information.
  3. Leave a ticket in our ticketing-system, describing your problem. We will resolve the problem or contact you if necessary.